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Written by on 4 June 2011

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Google +1 buttonTwo days ago Google introduced the +1 button. In an attempt to be up up to date with the hottest of the hot on the social scene of the internet, I decided to add a Google +1 button.

I know… I will never be up and trendy with the hottest new things. I am way to oblivious about the real world to even come close. But once in a while I can at least make a decent attempt. Can’t I?

Actually I wanted to make some changes for the blog for a while. Most of the changes wont be visible for you, but one is. I added a few buttons to the bottom of every post such as a Facebook and Google +1 button.

I know it feels like begging, but I will still ask you. That if you like what you read, please consider marking it either comment on the post, mark it with the google button or on of the other means. It helps spread the word of the blog and let me reach more people. That is partly what motivates me.

Adding the Google +1 button on your site

If you ended up here in the search on how to add a +1 button on your own website.  Just follow the link to googles pages, it has easy description for how to do it.

Yoast has a pretty exhaustive article on how to add the +1 button to Google analytics so you can even track the development in +1’s.

That’s all for now. Just wanted to mention that I updated a few options on the website. And now to something completely different.

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  1. SuprDewd says:

    Definite +1 on this…

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