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Project Euler 101: Investigate the optimum polynomial function to model the first k terms of a given sequence.

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Now that we are on the other side of Problem 100, it starts to become exciting. Problem 101 is the first problem we should tackle in Project Euler. A problem which is about polynomials and therefore have links to the currently ongoing problems in UVa Online jugde. The problem asks us to fit a polynomial to a set of data points.This problem is more or less a standard problem with in control engineering which is my field as well as many many other fields when you want to approximate a set of data with some function. So lets jump right into it.

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UVa 10268: 498-bis

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Problem 10268 at the UVa Online Judge, 498', asks us to evaluate the derivative of a polynomial. It is, like the name suggests, a version of problem 498, which we've already covered here. We solved problem 498 with code reuse in mind. We created a Polynomial class which we can extend to solve this problem, but all we need is to know a formula and then its just a matter of plugging the correct values in.

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UVa 498: Polly the Polynomial

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


In Problem 498 at UVa Online Judge, Polly the Polynomial, we are asked to evaluate a polynomial. The problem is easier that usual, but its designed to help engineers remember the basic algebra skills, which they supposedly forget as they progress further in their studies. We focus on code reuse and put a little extra work into this problem, but that extra work might save us some work the next time we need to work with polynomials. We also did some manual input parsing, but that can be a handy skill to have.

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