A few interesting courses

A friend of mine pointed me towards something that looks like an interesting course And sparking my curiosity I started digging around a bit and found a few more courses in the field of computer science and math, that I found interesting. I haven’t had time to take actually watch them yet, but I thought I would share them with you.

The first course is a cource called Introduction to Mathematical Thinking, which is exactly what the title says it is. It is about midway in progress now, but it seems that you can sign up for the course and tag along anyway.

The second course was the one that my friend actually showed me, it is An introduction to Neural networks.

Both these courses are part of Coursera, and if you sign up for them I believe it is expected that you actively take part of the course. So by signing up there is a certain responsibility, but I also think the reward will be quite high. At least the content seems to be good. If you sign up I would be very happy to hear from you about the experience.

The last course I dug up was less math and algorithms. It is a networking class. Something I took back at university and something which have given me a good understanding of what is flowing in the pipes… You can sign up through the official home page at Stanford.

Once again, let me know what your experience with something like this is. And especially if you are taking or thinking of taking the mentioned courses.

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