About MathBlog

The goal of MathBlog.dk is to increase our own (and the readers) knowledge and get YOU interested in math and computer science while having fun at the same time. We know that this is a very difficult goal but I hope you do enjoy.

The reason for the name MathBlog.dk is that it started with an intention to focus on mathematics. However, the focus has been mainly on solving different programming challenges out there. However, that does involve a lot of mathematics and a lot of algorithmic knowledge. So while the name does not cover the content of the site 100% it is still very fundamental for everything we do here. Infact we aim to inspire you to delve into any kind of science. We just focus on sciences which involves equations, be it mathematics or physics all the way to economics, which I recently discovered uses mathematics quite heavily.

If you have a fun website with some interesting science related recreational inspiration feel free to mention it to us. We are always looking for more inspiration.

A little history

This page was started by me Kristian Edlund in 2010 with a series of posts about solutions to Project Euler.  I realized that solving the problems was not enough. I had to communicate them to others. Not because I want to brag about what I can do, since thousands of others have solved the same problems before me. No, the need for communication is that it forces me to delve into the theories behind the problem and understand them to a level where I can relay the information.

Not long after the beginning Bjarki Ágúst Guðmundsson became a regular reader and active participant in the discussions. In 2012 we took the leap and he joined me as an author for the site contributing with his vast knowledge of problems out there to be solved as well as solutions to some of all the problems.

Why do you post the solutions?

This is an often asked question, since some feel that it is cheating to read solutions on the web. However , we do it since many of the problems can be solved the brute force, or it can be solved by smarter means. We seek these smarter means whenever we can. So we post the solutions both in order to learn even more our self, but also to inspire others to delve into more computer science and mathematics.

To be honest you can find the solutions for most of the problems online already, some of them without an explanation and some of them with. So if you want to cheat, you can easily do so. We hope that you use the solutions as an inspiration to improve your problem solving skills once you have conquered the problems yourself.

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