Video on Difference Quotient

A few weeks ago I stumbled on a few videos on YouTube showing me something valuable. It is three videos telling about derivatives, one of the fundamentals of calculus.

The videos come from which is a website with a ton of good explanatory videos on different math topics. I have only watched a few of them, but I am really impressed at the way they explain it. They have a channel on YouTube where there are a lot of videos, some which I haven’t found on the website, so check out both places. I think you will share my enthusiasm about the site once you see these videos. They also have a YouTube channel which seems to have a slightly different set of videos in them.

I started the post saying that the videos teach us about derivatives. But what is more important than telling about derivatives. It teaches us to pay attention to definitions.  It starts out with the definition of the difference quotient and showing that if you understand that, you can also derive the formulas we use in practice when calculating the derivatives of a function.

There are a total of three videos with about 18 minutes. So it isn’t a very long series you need to watch, but I think it will teach you something, just like it taught me something. Especially the first two taught me to pay attention to definitions in a way that my university teachers did not manage to do.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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