Happy New Year!

Happy new year!

Happy new year everyone. 2011 is the first full year of Mathblog.dk’s life, and what a year. The site has grown from being completely unknown to have a nice little following. 2011 was not only a prime year, it was also a sum of 6 consecutive primes 157 + 163 + 167 + 173 + 179 + 181 + 191 + 193 + 197 + 199 + 211 = 2011. A geeky and useless fact, but fascinating non the less.

I hope you all entered the year with all 10 fingers intact and without too much of a hangover. I am very excited about 2012 and what that will bring of new and interesting stuff to the blog, and what knowledge I will obtain through writing the blog and interaction with you. 2012 is also the official Alan Turing year, marking his 100’s birthday. This will be celebrated through a long series of events throughout the world. You can see more about that on the official website.

Once again, happy new year everyone 🙂

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Every number n that contains 3 consecutive 6s in 2n is called an Apocalyptic number.
22012 = 470274332784334653125768479202378540655541330775529554115642465003833860
9150306424324096 and is therefore an Apocalyptic number. Many have said the world will end on 21. December 2012 (my 19th birthday), but we’ll see 🙂

Nah, your life doesn’t end until you reach 30… or so they say 🙂

I better get in as many project euler problems as I can before the apocalypse!

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