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We have added a new section to the site with many more programming challenges and upcoming competitions and events.

Sites with programming challenges

First of all we have a list of sites which offers programming and math challenges for you to try out. It can be found in the top menu under programming challenges. So if you are out of Project Euler problems, or want to test your skills at something less mathy and more computer sciency then some of these sites might be for you. ones of them is the UVa Online Judge which we have started covering. So check them out.

If you have know of a site that you think should be listed for others to enjoy, don’t hesitate on letting us know, either through comments on this post or through our contact form. The section is still very new, so there are most likely a lot of sites that we don’t know of.

Upcomming competitions and events

The second page in the section is a calendar with all the upcoming events.  Many of the listed sites in the previous section holds regular contests. Some of them for fun, others for monetary prices. These competitions can hone your skills in fast problem solving. So if you want to try it out, check out our calendar for the next upcoming event which suits you.

Currently we have listed the most active sites that holds regular competitions, but there are likely many more sites that we don’t cover yet. So once again feel free to let us know if there are upcoming competitions or other important events that suits the theme.

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