Khan Academy - a great source of math knowlegde

Khan Academy – a great source of math knowlegde

This post is shameless promotion of what I think is a great site – Khan Academy. If you don’t like shameless promotions, you should stop reading now.  The site features a whole set of instructional videos along with a good amount of exercises. All topics are what I consider to be some basic skills of mathematics. Not basic because they are simple skills, but because they are fundamental for you to build upon.

Khan AcademyIt brings you all the way from addition (yep, I am not kidding) through calculus, differential equations and probability.  A total of more than 2400 videos. The site also features videos on other topics such as chemistry, history and finance.

Many of the videos up to an including calculus are incorporated in a knowledge tree. This tree links videos and exercises so you can track your progress and see what is next. When you use the three you earn points and if you do well enough you might get badges through the exercises – that also helps a bit for making it fun and learning. At least I think so.

I have watched a few of the videos so far to sample the site. Even though the older once seem a bit on the poor side in video quality the content is top notch.  It seems that Sal is updating some of the old videos to HD quality to make the quality of the video match the quality of the content. I used Khan academy to refresh my trigonometry recently. Hopefully that will stick this time.  I will definitely keep going back to read up on some of my other basic mathematics skills. Especially since he often presents the topics in a way I haven’t thought of it before – thus I get new insights.

The last thing I will mention, is that all around the world there are meetups in Khan academy. If you are interested you should check out if there is something near you. You probably need to live in a large city for there to be a community, but hey why not check it out.

The only problem with the site is that there is so much information and I only have a limited amount of time…. What are you waiting for? Go check out Khan Academy out, it is worth it.

I am by no means associated with the website, nor do they endorse this post. I just think it is worth promoting.

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This is a great site. I’ve watched videos on many topics. They even have Programming videos (using Python).

Claus Andersen

Fantastic web site! I’d even go so far as
promote it as a glimpse of the future of education as Bill Gates did at Salman Khan´s TED talk:


There are several critical voices in the debate whether or not this is good for education. I believe that it is indeed a very good addition to education.

I don’t think it will replace the education we have today in classes and with face to face education. But it will open education to people who wouldn’t otherwise get the opportunity, or as an addition while you are studying a subject.

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