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Merry Christmas from MathBlog

Merry Christmas everyoneA very merry Christmas to all of you out there. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, I still wish you a happy on of them. It is a wonderful time to spend time with your families and I hope that you all got something nice for and mathy for Christmas. I haven’t gotten any Christmas presents that are math related this year, but I did get Munchkin which is an awesome game when you want to have fun with your friends. Did you get something good and math related?

Personally I use some of the time between Christmas and New year to reflect over the year gone by. What have I learned, what have been good, what have been bad. Not just around mathematical subject, but all aspects of life. And not least, what do I want to change next year.

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I just turned 18 years old on 21. dec. and got an Amazon Kindle from my family. Of course I’ve loaded loads of math/programming related books onto it. And then I got Competitive Programming 2 for Christmas which I’m currently reading. I hope it’ll boost my algorithm/problem solving skills since lately I’ve been competing in a lot of algorithm-related contests (one or more every week) like TopCoder, CodeForces, USACO and more. Let me know if you want to try it out.

I applied for Reykjavík University and got in, and will be starting after the summer. I’m looking forward to that and hoping to be able to compete more, and learn more next year.

Hope you enjoyed Christmas and have fun at New Year’s eve (I know I will). Also thanks for the blog and everything you’ve taught us this year.

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Congratulation on the birthday as well as on the Kindle. It sounds like you got some pretty nice gifts. Competitive Programming seems like a good book, at least judging from the available index in it.

I do want to participate in that kind of contests, but it seems that the day only have 24 hours in it, and that seems to be too little already. So if anyone finds a way to buy more time, I would love to participate.

I hope you are doing well though. When you encounter some interesting problems, don’t hesitate to let us all know about them.


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