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The links I will post today is a bit on the lighter side of mathematics. But hey mathematics is not about being bored it is about having fun all the way through.

First I have found a few games that requires some logic thinking and in one of the cases knowledge of how functions evolve.

The first game is Robozzle a game where you have to program a robot to collect all the stars in a maze. I have had a lot of fun trying to program the right sequence with loops and conditional arguments.

The second game is Graphwar which is a multi player game where you have to shoot the other players bases. The difference is that you shoot (and aim) with math functions.  So you might shoot out sin(x), or the more advanced version where you use second order differential equations.  You can make private multi player games, or join the global game. Feel free to arrange games in the comments if you like.

Enough of the games ever heard of -red riding hood? Here is 101 Illustrated Analysis Bedtime Stories – Bounded edition. A bit on the geeky side, but hey I loved it. Not to mention this episode of xkcd.

Last but not least a fierce discussion has been ongoing on Twitter during the last week. @ajk_44 has been conducting a survey to figure out if mathematicians like pizza. She has started analysing the results as you can see in part 1 and part 2 .  During the survey Allison (ajk_44) concluded that most of the people answering the survey were mathematicians, luckily @Tony_Mann corrected her stating that we can’t be sure that the respondents are people. @PeterRowlett has compiled most of the conversation on his blog. Follow the interesting question “does mathematicians like pizza?”.

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Igor Ostrovsky’s Robozzle is pretty fun. I was even going to write a (brute force at the least) solver for it in an OOP class a year ago (ended up implementing Chess with networking capabilities).

And Red Riding Hood (unrated math edition) was funny. I didn’t get all the math but…

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