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Yesterday I listened to an episode of Relatively prime called Chinook. And it has been one of the most compelling stories I have ever heard. It was a fantastic but also sad story about checkers and man against machine, a battle that lasted two decades.

Relatively Prime is a series of eight shows all about the stories behind mathematics that was funded through Kickstarter. I promoted it here on the blog back then, but I never got around to backing it. I was too reluctant to the kickstarter idea, which was completely new to me. Something I sincerely regret today.

I have so far listened to 3 and a half episode of the 7 released, and so far awesome is the only way to describe them. I mostly listen to podcasts while walking the dog, so he gets a few extra walks at the moment.  I am so thrilled and will recommend it to anyone. Grab the podcast and go for a good long walk while you listen to the stories which Samuel Hansen has put together for you.

The only thing I miss about the show is a donate button. I know it was funded through kick starter, and Samuel got the money he needed. But I still love to pay for listening to something as inspiring as that. So Samuel… if you put up a donate button, you will get at least one small donation, I promise. If nothing else see it as the start of a new project for you.

To Samuel, Thanks for making this happen. And to everyone else go grab the podcast feed, you wont regret it.

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Bjarki Ágúst

Thanks! I’ll definitely check it out.

Bjarki Ágúst

Just finished the last episode. The podcast was very entertaining and informative. I especially liked the episode about Chinook. What an amazing story!

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