UVa 10268: 498-bis

UVa 10268: 498-bis

Problem 10268 at the UVa Online Judge, 498′, asks us to evaluate the derivative of a polynomial. It is, like the name suggests, a version of problem 498, which we’ve already covered here. We solved problem 498 with code reuse in mind. We created a Polynomial class which we can extend to solve this problem. Continue reading →

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Video on Difference Quotient

A few weeks ago I stumbled on a few videos on YouTube showing me something valuable. It is three videos telling about derivatives, one of the fundamentals of calculus.

The videos come from which is a website with a ton of good explanatory videos on different math topics. I have only watched a few of them, but I am really impressed at the way they explain it. They have a channel on YouTube where there are a lot of videos, some which I haven’t found on the website, so check out both places. I think you will share my enthusiasm about the site once you see these videos. They also have a YouTube channel which seems to have a slightly different set of videos in them. Continue reading →

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