A Short Treatise on a Vectors Concept

I have been in contact with Frederick Koh from who kindly agreed that he would write a guest post for the blog to promote what he has to offer – Tutoring in A level maths in Singapore.  So without further ado let me present you with the real content.

I have been asked on numerous occasions by students to provide a short effective mathematical proof verifying the fact that obtaining the vector product of the normals characterising two separate non parallel planes in 3 dimensional Cartesian space produces the direction vector of the line arising from the intersection of the above mentioned planes. I shall share this here:

(Note that the reader is assumed to possess knowledge of basic scalar and vector product operations) Continue reading →

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Course in Linear Algebra by Gilbert Strang

Within the field of mathematics I handle every day linear algebra plays a vital role. Linear algebra is a field of mathematics that studies vectors and vector spaces. On common use of linear algebra is to solve a set of linear equations. Personally I learned it in university using a book by David C. Lay called Linear Algebra and Its Applications. It is a perfectly good book, and I can recommend it if you want to have a book on the topic.

The reason why I bring up the topic, is that I rediscovered a video version a MIT course in linear algebra taught by Gilbert Strang. I found the videos when I first studied to my exam in linear algebra. I think he teaches it in a very understandable manner.  All of the videos can be found at Academic Earth. However, I think that the videos there are poor quality, so I have compiled a list of the videos representing the course in a better quality. Continue reading →

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