The new kid on the blog

As you (of course) must have noticed, not all of the posts are written by me anymore. I have gotten a new guy on board in order to serve you even more goodies than I my self was able to. So I would like to formally welcome Bjarki on board on the blog and hope that you will all receive his contributions well and learn a lot from them. I know I do.

Bjarki aka Suprdewd have been hanging around the blog for quite a while now giving me some very useful sparring on problems as well as encouraging me to continue writing even through periods where time or interest was missing. I am grateful for that.


As a start (and as you have noticed) Bjarki will cover some of the problems posed by UVA online judge. It is problems which are a bit more algorithmic than most of the Project Euler problems. But just as fun non-the-less. These problems will be covered in Java, at least as a start since that is one of the accepted languages on the site.

We have lots of ideas for new topics and actions on the site that we want to implement and develop, so I think that we will all go into an exciting time and hope you will enjoy it.

So once again, welcome Bjarki. I am really looking forward to this.

Posted by Kristian


Adam Smith

This is great news! I regularly read the blog and this means that even more will be covered.

I like the detailed explanations in your blog posts and the comments SuperDewd posts when he has more to add.

This is my first comment because I’m working on the Project Euler problems in order and I’m not yet at the most recently covered on this blog, but I just wanted to let you know that you’re doing a great job and it’s helping me improve some of my solutions or confirming that I already solved some problems in an efficient manner.

Keep up the good work!

Adam Smith


Hi Adam

Thanks for the compliment. I am sure that Bjarki will continue to add comments when I miss something. But now he has the chance to edit posts and come with comments before the post is published as well. So hopefully it wont just result in more posts, but also better posts.

He has kept me busy with some ideas we came up with, so at least his joining has introduced some chances for the better.

Please don’t hesitate to add comments to the posts whenever you get to them. Even if the solutions are not efficient it is always fun and inspirational to see your approach as well.


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