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I have a few links for you this week that I have chewed through and found interesting. First I found a few papers that I think are really nice recreational mathematics

A paper titled The Prime Facts: From Euclid to AKS which is going through different aspects of prime numbers and not least their importance in public key encryption. Something which the society relies heavily on today.

Another paper I found, called Square Roots from 1; 24, 51, 10 to Dan Shanks was on the topic of calculating the square root of a number. For most people today it is a matter of pressing the square root button on the calculator, but this details methods and algorithms to approximate the square root to an arbitrary precision.

The last pdf I will link today is a note on math symbols. I still remember the first time I encountered an upside down A. There was no symbol list in the book I was reading since it was obvious what it meant… Today I know that it means “for all”, but it was difficult to google. The PDF mathematical symbols gives an explanation for some of the most common symbols in mathematical writing.

I was kindly pointed towards a page called White group maths which is a website run by a tutor in H2 A level math in Singapore. To most of you a tutor in Singapore might not be interesting, but he has a good set of notes on different topics as well as a set of exercises with solutions. So you might want to check it out if you need to study something similar to the curriculum in Singapore, or if you need a good tutor.

Back to the lighter side of mathematics we have a fun post on the Kock Snowflake a fractal that looks like a snow flake. It has some very interesting properties.

The last link for now is something that to me smells a lot like work. has a article series on solving partial differential equations through numerical methods. I don’t think it is particular easy to read if you don’t have a certain level of math knowledge. But I found it to be a good read, so give it a try.

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