Prime Shoot Out – The game

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  • Use left and right arrow keys to move the gun left and right.
  • You reduce a number by shooting it with its prime factors. Each time a prime
    factor hits a number, the number is divided by that factor. If the number is a prime number
    you can shoot it with a special “P” (“P” for “prime”) missile which reduces it directly
    to 1.
  • To fire a 2, 3, 5 or 7, just type the corresponding key on the keyboard. To fire 11, 13, 17
    or 19, type the first letter of the number (in lower case), i.e. “e” for 11, “t” for 13, “s” for 17 and “n”
    for 19. Type “p” (lower case)
    to fire the “P” missile. In all cases a number is “dead” when it is reduced to 1.
  • If a number hits you, then you’re dead.
  • Sometimes, after a number goes below the bottom, and reappears at the top, it goes
    a bright red, which means that it is super-activated. You have to kill a super-activated
    number before it hits the bottom again, otherwise you’ll be dead.
  • Numbers come down more often as the score gets higher.
  • You score 1 for each number you kill.
  • Numbers range from 2 to 20, until the score goes over 20, then they range up to
    (score + 20), with a maximum of 500.
  • You start with 3 spare lives. You gain a new spare life for every 25 points,
    unless you already have 10 spare lives.
  • You can press Esc to manually terminate a game.

License and Credits

First of all, the credits go to Phillip Dorell. He made this game, I just copied it and made some minor adjustments to it. The original game can be found here.

The original game was licensed under the GNU general public license, and this derivative work is of course licensed under the same conditions.

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